Book Review: The Divide by Matt Taibbi


Here is a riddle: Imagine A 19 year old black guy is standing in front of his apartment complex in Bed Stuy smoking a cigarette talking to a friend. Cops approach him, search him, and discover he has a small amount of marijuana on him (a joints worth). Now imagine an executive who works for one of the largest banks in the world receives a call from a notorious Mexican narcotics dealer with a…

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R.I.P. Michael C. Ruppert

I woke up this morning to some pretty sad news. The ex LAPD officer who blew the lid off the CIA’s trafficking and proliferation of crack in the ghettos of 1980′s Los Angeles killed himself Sunday night. Apparently everyone (I am sure there are some skeptics) seem to believe that this is a legitimate suicide and he basically left clues that he was going to do it at the end of his radio program…

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Critical record right here. It’s literally been all around you, and you’ve never realized it. #amenbreak #musiclover #recordcollector #vinylhead #vscocam

Baron IX’s, up on top of things tho. At the Austin360 Amphitheater slash race track to see Arcade Fire. #baronIX #baron9 #nike #jordan #sneakerhead #atx

Vicious mix.

For our new release on Black Pearl Records, the Afro Funk album ABAHAMBI - “Freeway” and maybe because it´s summer, i thought the time is right to put some tracks together, that we digged recently on Tom´s & my digging tours and also one, two tracks from our digging trips with our mates Koolski of Brothers Rockwell & Ekki of Sonorama Records, some faves, some new discoveries, some classics, some rare stuff, that i´m very happy to present you in a mix format for your listening pleasure •••• tracks are from: trinidad, venezuela, brazil, cuba, germany, peruana, france, united kingdom, portugal, angola, somalia, mosambique, carribe, usa, …

Wearing an oldie, but goodie. Air Max 90 360 Skull Pack, circa 2007 #airmax90 #am90 #nike #sneakerhead #wdywt #kickstagram #atx #prps

Barons tho. #nike #jordan #baron1 #sneakerhead #wdywt #kickstagram #atx #nike


Chief Localeur Joah here and I am proud to introduce one of the newest members of the Localeur family (and a member of my real family), my oldest brother Kahron aka Brother Localeur. He’s traveled the world over from Portland to Portugal, Austin to Abu Dhabi and he recently moved back to Austin…


Argus C3 Mahogany at Anchors & Anvils

About A&A:

Anchors & Anvils sells high quality camera accessories, all of which are handmade in California. Our mission is to continue manufacturing and developing quality products for photographers. In a time where mostly every new camera strap and accessory is made in a factory out of plastic and faux (fake) leather, we can offer people real genuine leather which has been hand tooled and crafted right here in the USA.